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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cheap holiday destinations

By Lara Wright

When the holidays come around, students want to get away from the usual and see some new places. What limits many traveling students is their budget. Students are notorious for having tight budgets, but finding an affordable accommodation in their desired travel destination can allow them to experience a fun and affordable holiday trip. Some of the best holiday travel destinations for students around the world include Barcelona, Spain, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, and Thailand. Read on to discover what each location has to offer student travelers.

Barcelona, Spain is a popular holiday destination for many students. One reason students travel to Barcelona is so that they can practice the Spanish they have been learning all year, but there is plenty of fun to be had there as well. The city's nightlife has a lot to offer even those who do not speak Spanish and there are many historical places to visit, such as Casa Mila and Spanish Village. Yet, some students worry that Barcelona accommodations might be too pricy. The fact is that you can find a cheap hotel in Barcelona that makes for a nice stay.

There are numerous cities in America that attracts student travelers for the holidays. Los Angeles, CA is at the top of the list of the most popular ones, but many find hotel rates here to be outrageous. This city has endless opportunities for fun and adventure. Just relaxing on the sandy beaches is enough to draw in crowds during the holidays. The key to getting a great room in Los Angeles is to seek a hotel offer that provides you with savings.

Another great holiday vacation spot for students that is located in America is the city of Chicago. Chicago has a mix of all things interesting to student travelers. There is the great number of museums, Lake Michigan, delicious food from all over the world, and a very memorable nightlife. Yet, finding the best price hotel in Chicago can be quite a challenge. It is smart to check online for prices and book ahead to ensure you get the greatest value.

Vancouver is a great holiday destination in Canada for students who want to visit this northern country. There are numerous exciting tourist attractions in Vancouver for students to enjoy, including Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and Vancouver Lookout. Spending a few days or weeks in this city means getting a good price on accommodation. Vancouver has a wide range of hotels available. Traveling students can find a nice cheap hotel by doing a bit of investigation.

There is nothing like spending the holidays in Thailand. This exotic place has a magic all its own. Students who travel to Thailand are sure to experience a vacation that they will never forget. Thailand has a lot to offer, such as Elephant Nature Park, Railay Beach, and Wat Arun. There is also some excellent shopping to enjoy, wonderful cuisine, and plenty of local events to take part in. Students may find hotel prices in Thailand to not be particularly different than what they have known elsewhere, but it is always good to save.

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